Bentley to Launch PHEV technology

PHEV – plug-in hybrid technology – is a system which is catching on among the automotive sector, and with all regulations and emission laws becoming stricter across the globe, Bentley has committed to spearheading its introduction in the luxury sector.

It’s a new technology for Bentley and, when launched, will provide the sensation of effortless power our customers are all used to – with the exception that some of their ‘fuel’ will be coming from the national grid, rather than a fuel station.

Don’t be mistaken, a Bentley PHEV is a Bentley through and through, with all the performance and luxury you would expect of the world’s leading high-end luxury automotive brand. A combination of true Bentley performance with the potential to drive in zero emissions mode, or, alternatively by using a combination of EV and internal combustion engine to achieve a smooth and seamless longer journey using the best of both forms of propulsion. We are committed to showcasing our innovation and responsibility as we reduce our carbon footprint and emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle                                           

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle serves as “The best of two worlds:”

  • Combustion engine and e-engine
  • Large high-voltage battery to be charged from any mains socket
  • Electric range of up to 50 km
  • Plug-in hybrid to be the ideal solution for people driving both in town and over longer distances.


For more information about PHEV please contact our General Sales Manager Jason Emard:

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