Volvo offers an array of innovative interior storage solutions with the new Volvo XC40

The Volvo brand and automotive innovation have always been practically synonymous. In fact, from its pioneering of the three-point safety belt to the quintessentially Scandinavian design sensibilities of its modern models, Volvo has practically always been on the cutting edge, and the new Volvo XC40 is no exception. In fact, even though the Volvo XC40 is the smallest member of Volvo SUV portfolio, it's got some big innovations on the inside, including some in places you might not think to look like its door bins.

Now, when most automakers think of storage space, their primary concern is maximizing the room behind the second row of seats for larger items like luggage. However, chances are that for most day-to-day driving around Los Angeles County, Orange County, and South Bay, you're not going to be packing a big suitcase. More often than not, you'll be carrying around smaller items like a purse, laptop bag, or maybe just water bottle for your trip to the gym. Rather than having them rest on the seat beside you, the large door bins available on the Volvo XC40 afford you plenty of space for small item storage without compromising your leg room.

Best of all, the storage space in the door bins is just one of many thoughtfully placed storage nooks located throughout the cabin of the Volvo XC40. And if you'd like to experience the functional and aesthetically pleasing design innovations of this luxury compact crossover firsthand, you'll find that a Rusnak Auto Group dealership near you is the best place to do so. Stop by our showroom in Los Angeles County to take a test drive with the Volvo XC40 today!

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