The Rusnak Standard

Experience The Rusnak Standard of Luxury Auto Sales and Service

When it comes to delivering an unparalleled luxury sales and service experience, the Rusnak Standard is the gold standard. We understand that drivers here in Los Angeles County, Orange County and Ventura County have discerning tastes and unique needs when it comes to shopping for luxury vehicles, and we aim to meet and exceed their needs in every aspect of our business.

Our commitment to our clientele, associates & community.

The Rusnak Auto Group team is dedicated to earning our customers' loyalty. We do so by following these standards in order to consistently deliver the personal, professional buying experience that our customers deserve.
  • We cultivate, train and make Rusnak home for the finest automotive professionals in the industry.

  • We show our deep respect for our clientele by exceeding their needs and delivering service beyond their expectations, encouraging a lifelong business relationship.

  • We dedicate ourselves to creating a positive impact in our community through charity and social responsibility.

  • We work to steadily improve the lives of our clientele and associates by delivering personalized service and staying current with innovative technology.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible ethical and legal standards, building a solid culture of trust and respect.

Outstanding customer experiences are the core of The Rusnak Standard

From the very moment you set foot in one of our dealerships in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or Ventura County, we want you to feel as though your every luxury need is being met and exceeded. You'll find yourself surrounded not only by the finest luxury vehicles, but also by our experienced, dedicated staff who are always on hand to guide you through our curated selection, and aid you in finding your ideal model. And with a whole host of exotic and luxury brands on display, including Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Audi, BMW, Maserati, Porsche, and many more available at our Rusnak Auto Group dealerships across the Los Angeles County, and Orange County, CA areas, we're confident you'll find a premium model to fall in love with when you do business with us.

Let us show you how The Rusnak Standard can enhance and enrich your next luxury automotive shopping experience

We're confident that once you've experienced the dedication and commitment of the Rusnak Standard and how we strive to embody it in every aspect of our dealership experiences, you simply won't want to do business anywhere else. So, if you're ready to enjoy a higher quality of luxury auto sales and service experiences, we'd like to humbly invite you to pay us a visit at one of our many dealerships.  Come enjoy the Rusnak Standard of care and see why so many Southern California drivers put their trust in the Rusnak Auto Group!