Get a glimpse of the BMW brand's future with the BMW Vision iNEXT

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Automotive design and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the BMW brand is undeniably at the forefront of that innovation. But while improvements to successive models in its portfolio may make up the bulk of its development efforts, BMW is always working on the next generation of vehicle. And now they've given us a peak into the future of mobility with a look at the BMW Vision iNEXT concept.

More than innovative and aesthetic – a true pioneer. The #BMW #VisioniNEXT. #MyFavoriteSpace
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BMW has always been known for crafting vehicles with the driving experience in mind, but with the BMW Vision iNext, it envisions a future of autonomous driving, where people no longer need to drive, but can opt do so if they want to.

The result is an emission-free electric vehicle with a variety of automated elements that still manages to bear design signatures and sensibilities that make it unmistakable as anything other than a BMW. For example, the dual kidney grille design that's so recognizable on most new BMW models has now been evolved into a similarly shaped "intelligence panel" on the BMW Vision iNEXT, housing an array of sensors necessary for its autonomous systems. What's more, the BMW Vision iNEXT promise its drivers the opportunity to seamlessly switch between manual driving Boost mode or autonomous driving Ease mode, affording them the luxury of taking the wheel and enjoying responsive power on demand, or enjoying a leisurely cruise where they can kick back and enjoy the scenery.

The BMW Vision iNEXT is just a concept car for now, but with BMW investing more into its autonomous driving ventures year after year, it's something that could very soon become a reality, changing the paradigm for how we get around on a daily basis. If you'd like to learn more about the BMW Vision iNEXT or just browse some of the latest BMW models on the market, feel free to swing by a Rusnak Auto Group dealership near you today!

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