How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

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There’s plenty of buzz going around about hybrid cars. So, what is a hybrid car and how does it work? Hybrid electric technology has taken a major leap forward in recent years, making hybrid vehicles a more affordable option for Los Angeles drivers and beyond. Learn about how hybrid cars work with our team at Rusnak Auto Group in Los Angeles, then schedule a test drive in your favorite model.

Parallel Hybrid vs. Series Hybrid Vehicles

Whether you’re driving a hybrid like the BMW 3 Series or a Jaguar F-PACE, a hybrid is a great choice for efficient drivers. So what exactly is a hybrid car, and how does it work under the hood? A hybrid uses two power sources. The first is a traditional internal combustion engine, and the other is an electric battery. With hybrid models, the combustion engine and electric battery work together to minimize fuel consumption.

Hybrid vehicles may be configured in two ways, as well. Here’s how hybrid cars work in each of their configurations; parallel and series:

  • Parallel Hybrid – The most common hybrid you’ll see on the market is a parallel hybrid. With these models, both the electric motor and gasoline engine are connected to the transmission, whether it’s an automatic, manual, or CVT system.
  • Series Hybrid – Series hybrids also use an electric motor that’s paired with a gas engine, but only the electric motor is paired with the transmission. With these models, the electric motor is the sole source of power, with the gas engine acting as a generator for the electric motor.

How Do Hybrid Cars Work Compared to Plug-In Electric Vehicles?

What’s the difference between how hybrid cars work, and how plug-in electric cars work? While hybrid models run on the combined power of a gas engine and electric battery, EVs use only electric power. However, newer models on the market are beginning to blur the lines between the two. Some brands even offer plug-in hybrids which can combine the perks of each type:

  • With their increased battery packs, plug-in hybrids can go further on electric power alone. 
  • For short distances around Thousand Oaks, you can drive a plug-in hybrid much like you’d drive an EV — relying on 100% electric power all day and recharging at night.
  • If you’ll be heading out on a longer trip that exceeds the electric driving range, you can fill up on gasoline like you would with a conventional powertrain.
  • Because they don’t rely solely on electricity, hybrid plug-in vehicles take between 1 and 4 hours to fully charge.

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