Volvo envisions the future of long distance travel with the new Volvo 360c Concept

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If you've ever had to travel for work, especially if you're traveling cross country or internationally, you know how much of hassle it can be. From paying for long term parking at the airport to spending hours on a plane to the interminable jet lag, traveling for work can be costly and strenuous. But what if it didn't have to be? What if you could forgo the long airport security lines and baggage check fees and simply be driven to your destination? The concept may sound novel, but it's not as far-fetch as you think. In fact, with the new Volvo 360c concept, it could soon be a reality.

The Volvo 360c concept is an office-bed-living room mashup to disrupt domestic air travel by @kirstenkorosec
— TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) September 5, 2018

Volvo has always looked to the future, and with its Volvo 360c concept, the brand looks to the future of long-distance travel. As an autonomous electric vehicle, the Volvo 360c concept is a departure from your everyday commuter car, and not just because of its unique shape and profile. Inside the cabin, you'll find no accelerator pedals or steering wheel, but rather an interior outfitted with amenities designed to help you make the most of your travel time. Whether it's working at an integrated desk or catching some sleep before you arrive at your destination, the Volvo 360c envisions a world where time spent in transit is never wasted.

Of course, autonomous technology is still a ways off from being widely accepted, though we do see the appeal of not having to contend with Los Angeles traffic in a car like the Volvo 360c. Regardless, if you'd like to take a peek at some of the Volvo cars you can still drive, don't hesitate to stop by a Rusnak Auto Group dealership near you today!
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